Finishes and Treatments

Through extensive research, testing and product development, we have identified and produced the best finishes and other applications for wood countertops and butcher blocks. Typically, how you plan on using your countertop will determine which finish will work best for you.

Butcher Block Oil
Our Butcher Block Oil contains natural mineral oils with a small amount of Vitamin E added to act as a stabilizer. This oil is processed to an optimum viscosity for hydrating wood while not evaporating too quickly. Consistent application on your butcher block or cutting surface will ensure a long-lasting product.
Note: butcher block oil provides minimal stain and water resistance.
Butcher Block Conditioner
Our Butcher Block Conditioner is a proprietary mixture of mineral oils and locally-sourced natural beeswax. It provides the same hydrating benefits as our Butcher Block Oil but adds a stain and water resistant value which greatly extends periods between reapplications.
Permanent Soy Oil
Our Permanent Soy Oil finish offers the best possible finish for a wood countertop. Because it penetrates below the surface to render a countertop waterproof, we can manufacture products for applications in wet areas including undermount sinks, integrated drain boards, wood sinks and even wood bathtubs. No regular maintenance is required with this finish. It is guaranteed to never crack or peel and is very stain resistant.
Note: We do not recommend this finish for use on a cutting surface. Although it is considered food grade and is suitable for food preparation, knives will scratch and mar its appearance.
Ebonizing Solution
Ebonizing is a decorative option that maintains the food grade finish of your countertop. This unique product changes the colour of some woods (notably White Oak and Sapele) from light to dark by interacting with the natural chemicals in the wood. It is not a wood stain. When this treatment is used on White Oak, the sapwood portions do not change color as much as the heartwood, thereby creating a colour variation in the treated countertop. With Sapele, on the other hand, the wood turns a rich, consistent black color.
We use this treatment in two different ways. When we torch native Ash, it colours the growth rings of the wood which dramatically changes its appearance to be similar to that of exotic Zebra Wood, yet at a much lower cost. We can also use torching as a distressing technique to give a burnt-edge look to most woods.
This is one of the treatments we use to add the appearance of age to a countertop. Various techniques can reproduce the "distressed" look that normally comes from use over a long period of time; but it requires an artistic eye to know precisely when the process has achieved the desired results, without overdoing it.
Live Edge
This application refers to the addition of an edge to your countertop that is taken from just under the bark, at the outermost part of the tree. This striking addition gives you a very rustic, unrefined look and is available on most species of wood.